PFP conducts domestic violence trainings, presents at local, national, and international forums, and organizes conferences and other training forums to help advocates and providers enhance their knowledge and skills.  Our trainings emphasize cultural sensitivity to assist service providers and professionals in improving their service provision to Muslims, in conducting more effective outreach to Muslim communities, and in developing and disseminating resources and materials that are appropriate for Muslims.  PFP also collaborates with advocates and researchers in advisorial and partnership capacities.

Cultural Sensitivity Trainings

Domestic violence affects people of all races, ethnicities and faith traditions. These workshops offer service providers an understanding of domestic violence in Muslim families and communities. Participants learn about the values that affect the way Muslims perceive and respond to domestic violence, best practices when serving Muslim clients, and the Islamic perspective of domestic violence. Participants also gain insight into the ways in which culture and religion intersect, as well as the ways in which cultural and religious values can be used as resources in promoting safety and preventing abuse.


As a national organization, we rely on our growing network of qualified trainers. Potential trainers learn about the Islamic perspective of domestic violence, become familiar with the resources and tools that can be used to enhance workshops, and have the opportunity to build on their training skills. Participants also learn about best practices in engaging Muslim community members and leaders. Potential trainers should already have experience as advocates against domestic violence, as well as some public speaking experience.


Please contact us at with any requests for information regarding trainings.