Affecting Change as an Imam

Imam Mohamed Magid


In this chapter Imam Mohamed Magid discusses his role in the Muslim community as an advocate working against domestic violence. Examples are given of the types of abuse he comes across. The imam shares the methods he employs to combat abuse, including the usage of Islamic teachings as a prevention tool. He also imparts suggestions for other Muslim community leaders and members seeking to address abuse within their communities.


About the Author
Imam Mohamed Magid is the Imam and Executive Director of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, ADAMS Center, in Sterling, Virginia. Under his direction, the Center has grown to be one of the largest Muslim community organizations in the Washington Metropolitan Area. With his encouragement, ADAMS has become active in local interfaith dialogue programs, social work, government relations, civic involvement, community service, and the education of the local public about Islam and Muslims. Very active in the Islamic community, Imam Magid is Vice-President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and serves as a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Muslim, Sikh and Arab Advisory Board. He also occupies the Chairmanship of the Fairfax County Faith Communities in Action, is a board member of the Fairfax County Partnership for Youth, and is a member of the George Mason University Campus Ministry. Imam Magid’s domestic violence advocacy activities include serving as a board member of FaithTrust Institute, and as a member of the National Interfaith Planning Committee for Domestic Violence. In May 2006, Fairfax County Human Rights Commission awarded Imam Magid with their Human Rights Award. A Sudanese-born American, Imam Magid is the son of the Grand Mufti of Sudan. At the hand of his father and other notable scholars, he studied and graduated in traditional Islamic disciplines, including Shari’ah (Islamic Jurisprudence) and Muwatta (Maliki School of Islamic Law). Imam Magid views marriage and pre-marital counseling as his passion. He currently resides in Reston, Virginia with his wife and daughters.