PFP advocates for domestic violence awareness by facilitating workshops for Muslim leaders and communities across America. Rates of domestic violence in the Muslim community are at comparable levels to other faith groups in the United States (Alkhateeb 1998). Our goal is for the Muslim leadership and community to recognize this reality and become catalysts for change from within.

Previous workshops have demonstrated that local community members grow in their understanding of family conflict and abuse, and their ability to be effectively engaged as Muslim leaders. Muslim communities benefit by the influx of new leaders who are knowledgeable about domestic violence and committed to positive change. They also gain as leaders increase their visibility as proponents of anti-domestic violence advocacy, and use their new insight to promote change, establish new and helpful civic relationships, and engage the community more fully. The workshops help serve as a catalyst for new domestic violence initiatives and programs in each city. New organizations focusing on domestic violence are created in some cities while direct service groups are formed under the auspices of local mosques in others.

Workshops are conducted by PFP facilitators with extensive expertise in advocating against domestic violence in Muslim communities. Each workshop is customized to meet the needs of the sponsoring community, so advocates from various fields of social service expertise, Islamic scholars, local religious leaders, and legal experts may also present. We encourage sponsoring organizations to foster a collaborative approach by connecting with imams, masjid board and committee members, community leaders, attorneys, social service professionals, school teachers, domestic violence advocates, mental health providers, medical professionals, human rights activists, political activists, and youth leaders.

Imam Trainings

Imams are often the first responders when families are affected by domestic violence. Our one to two-day workshops offer imams the opportunity to increase their knowledge regarding the prevalence, dynamics and impact of domestic violence, as well as best practices for responding effectively. These workshops are led by a team comprised of an imam and a practitioner who combine a theological and practical approach. Participants are thus able to gain not only a theoretical understanding of the issues, but also to develop skills in assessing and responding to domestic violence. An emphasis is placed on defining the role of the imam in prevention and intervention, and the ways in which imams can work collaboratively with other advocates and professionals in order to develop a coordinated community response.  Participants in these workshops have noted that they value the opportunity to learn with their peers, to have in depth discussions about theological concepts as well as how to apply what they’ve learned, and to feel more confident in their ability to intervene effectively.

Community Awareness Workshops

These workshops focus on raising awareness among Muslim community members and leaders about the prevalence and dynamics of domestic violence. Participants learn about the model of healthy relationships presented in Islam, as well as what constitutes unhealthy relationships in general and abusive relationships in particular. Our workshops are designed to help community members address domestic violence by understanding it and by learning about the resources available to respond to it. These workshops are also an opportunity for community members and service providers to build or develop relationships with each other.  Workshops can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a particular community, with trainers available to address specific areas of expertise such as social services, mental health, Islamic law, and U.S. family law. In addition to benefiting the general community, these workshops are also helpful for mosque board members, administrative staff, youth leaders and teachers who all come into contact with families affected by domestic violence.

Marital Bliss Workshops

As part of our focus on primary prevention, we offer these full-day workshops to married couples to provide them with the tools that will help ensure healthy, violence-free relationships. Participants have the opportunity to learn about the key elements of healthy relationships, as well as to learn and practice effective communication and conflict resolution skills. Participants in these workshops appreciate the opportunity to spend a day with their spouses focusing on nurturing their relationship. Participants in previous workshops have noted that they enjoy the exercises that have helped them understand themselves and their spouses better, and that they appreciate having concrete skills to continue using at home after the workshop.

Workshop or Presentation Topics

Our trainers can present on a wide range of topics. These topics can either be stand alone presentations or part of a full or half day workshop. A sample of topics includes:

  • Islamic Perspective of Domestic Violence
  • Islamic Model of Healthy Families
  • Understanding Domestic Violence
  • Impact of Domestic Violence
  • Responding Effectively to Domestic Violence
  • Working Effectively with Muslim Families & Communities
  • The Islamic Marriage Contract
  • Marriage & Divorce in Islamic & American Family Law
  • Marriage Preparation
  • Parenting in Islam
  • Keeping Our Children Safe
  • Understanding & Responding to Bullying
  • Islamic Perspective of Mental Health
  • Positive Communication
  • Using Faith to Address Child Abuse, Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence


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