CHANGE FROM WITHIN: Diverse Perspectives on Domestic Violence in Muslim Communities

Change From Within

Edited by Maha B. Alkhateeb and Salma Elkadi Abugideiri. Great Falls, VA: Peaceful Families Project, 2007. 259 pages.

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To date, domestic violence in Muslim communities has received little attention. This book is one of the first edited volumes to focus on domestic violence in Muslim families. Bringing the experiences of diverse domestic violence advocates to the table, voices in this text include religious leaders, service providers, and researchers from multiple disciplines. Four survivors also share their stories, illustrating some of the challenges they faced, as well as their paths to healing. This volume illuminates unique domestic violence issues that Muslims face, and emphasizes Islam’s intolerance to abuse.

Muslim and non-Muslim domestic violence advocates, social service providers, mental health professionals, religious leaders, community leaders, activists, scholars, public agencies, advocacy organizations, hospitals, doctors, judges, and attorneys, among others, will find this book beneficial. It is also an essential text for university courses in women’s studies, social work, mental health, sociology, and criminology departments.

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